Sharen-Lee says "I have seen many documentaries on leopards and the big cats, and they have so inspired me to paint them. I saw this beautiful photo and then with some great graphics modified the background to compliment her gorgeous green eyes. I have named her "Amber" because of the colour of her fur. Leopards are shy, secretive and spend a lot of their time in trees, sleeping during the day. Hence the pose of "Amber" as she rests in the daylight hours. I want buyers to fall in love with my animals , as I have, and to respect how we need to look after our wild animals before they become extinct. I have airbrushed "Amber" with ink to show her personality, which I think comes through her eyes. Airbrushing also makes her fur seem real and touchable and I want buyers to appreciate the beauty which exists within all nature."



  • Canvas Print featuring airbrushed art by Australian award-winning artist Sharen-Lee McLachlan
  • Ready to hang stretched canvas on wood.



Size: 90cm x 60cm stretched canvas

Amber Canvas Print - 90cm x 60cm

  • Please contact us for this option.

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