"Apollo" Paperweight featuring original airbrushed art by Teresa Franks.


Teresa says ""Apollo" is running through the streets of France, looking for his human companion. The wind is whistling through his mane making it fly around his head, as he looks left and right to get his bearings in the night time misty alleys. "Apollo" is aptly named, as he is a beautiful horse. He is strong and god-like in stature, and immediately makes all who see him, feel safe and secure. This painting would hang beautifully on any wall. The colours are striking and he was painted in the surrealist genre."


"Apollo" was also a finalist in the Victor Harbor art show in January 2018.


Looking to gift something unique and creative? We have the perfect gift for you, our range of decorative glass paperweights. These beautiful pieces feature our airbrushed paintings and come with a specially designed gift box.



  • Original art by Australian airbrush artist Sharen-Lee McLachlan
  • Comes with a gift box to share it with your loved ones on a special occasion.


    Speak No Evil - with Orange Butterfly
    Apollo - Horse
    Mwindaji - Lion 
    Kitsune - Fox

DIMENSIONS: 10 cm diameter x 4.8 cm height 

Qty: 1 paperweight with a gift box

Instructions: Do not to clean the bottom using any wet towel or make sure it does not get in contact with water.

Apollo Horse Paperweight


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