Sharen-Lee says "Animal documentaries are my favourite TV programmes to watch, especially David Attenborough. I took this photo with my phone from a still on my TV screen. I wanted to show the majesty and impressive size of the mountain lion. I have modified the background to give "Beau" even more power, and I love the way he has laid one paw across the other as if he were human. I want to show buyers how impressive "Beau" would look if he were to hang on their wall at home. I have used ink and airbrushed this onto a MDF board to show how intense his gaze is, and how lifelike he appears, with every hair airbrushed individually to give him depth."



  • Canvas Print featuring airbrushed art by Australian award-winning artist Sharen-Lee McLachlan.
  • Inspirational words written by Sharen-Lee McLachlan.
  • Ready to hang stretched canvas on wood.



Big Cats 
    Beau - Mountain Lion - Message “You have the power, find your inner strength.”  
    Mwindaji - Lion - Message “Stand strong and just be.”  
    Sahara - Cheetah - Message “You are graceful, remember to go at your own speed.” 
    Kitsune - Fox in Tree - Message “Live a magical life.”  
    Nylah - Fox Sitting - Message “Dare to dream, larger than life.”  
    Swift - Fox Face - Message “Speed is your pace, elegance is who    you are.” 
    Flower Girl 5 - Pink with Frangipani - Message “Why fit in when you  were born to stand out.” Dr Seuss  
    Hear No Evil - Green with Butterfly - Message “There is no-one alive who is you-er than you.” Dr Seuss  
    Speak No Evil - Orange with Butterfly - Message “I meant what I said and I said what I meant.” Dr Seuss 
    All My Heart - Two Horses - Message “Be loving to yourself and true to your friends.”  
    Apache - Horse in Water - Message “Don’t be afraid to make a splash.”  
    Apollo - Horse with Stairs - Message “Stand true, be proud, live who you are.” 



Size: 30cm x 30cm stretched canvas

Weight: 500g

Beau Mountain Lion Canvas Print - 30cm x 30cm

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