Sharen-Lee says ""Kitsune" is Japanese for fox. In Japanese culture there are lots of myth and legend about the fox, including believing that they are shapeshifters. The fox is highly intelligent and very swift, hence they are not seen by humans all the time. In this painting I have "Kitsune" poised in a tree, ready to jump at its prey. She has incredibly intense eyes and has a keen sense of smell, so they can spot food from a distance away. They are also able to use the Earth's magnetic field to hunt their prey. This is why I loved the way she was using the whole of her body to pounce out of the tree, when the timing is right, always ready to strike."


"Kitsune" was a finalist in the Victor Harbor Art Show in 2018.



  • Canvas Print featuring airbrushed art by Australian award-winning artist Sharen-Lee McLachlan.
  • Inspirational words written by Sharen-Lee McLachlan.
  • Ready to hang stretched canvas on wood.



Big Cats 
    Beau - Mountain Lion - Message “You have the power, find your inner strength.”  
    Mwindaji - Lion - Message “Stand strong and just be.”  
    Sahara - Cheetah - Message “You are graceful, remember to go at your own speed.” 
    Kitsune - Fox in Tree - Message “Live a magical life.”  
    Nylah - Fox Sitting - Message “Dare to dream, larger than life.”  
    Swift - Fox Face - Message “Speed is your pace, elegance is who    you are.” 
    Flower Girl 5 - Pink with Frangipani - Message “Why fit in when you  were born to stand out.” Dr Seuss  
    Hear No Evil - Green with Butterfly - Message “There is no-one alive who is you-er than you.” Dr Seuss  
    Speak No Evil - Orange with Butterfly - Message “I meant what I said and I said what I meant.” Dr Seuss 
    All My Heart - Two Horses - Message “Be loving to yourself and true to your friends.”  
    Apache - Horse in Water - Message “Don’t be afraid to make a splash.”  
    Apollo - Horse with Stairs - Message “Stand true, be proud, live who you are.” 



Size: 30cm x 30cm stretched canvas

Weight: 500g

Kitsune Fox Canvas Print - 30cm x 30cm

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